Human Digestive System

human digestive system

Human digestive system is made of complex microbial ecosystem, in fact of a several hundred different bacterial species, which can effect positively or negatively depending on balance of good and bad bacteria. Maintenance of most of the good bacteria is of great importance for human health, both child and adult man.

human digestive system

More than 85% of our immune system directly depends on the overall state of our intestinal microflora. Microbial balance is changing under the influence of aging, nutrition, healing, stress and especially antibiotics. Today’s lifestyle and nutrition of modern man harms the intestinal microflora balance, which is an essential factor for health, because probiotic strains of intestinal bacteria(most important are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria), not only do they produce a lot of useful substances that are essential for maintaining healthy intestinal microenvironment but they also produce substances that are absorbed into the body and maintain state of health. Lactobacilli and bifidobacteria are the main protective microflora of intestinal and urogenital system, skin and mucous membranes, and they also protect our health from the day we are born and depending on a way that we live their number increases or decreases which affects directly on our health. The presence of probiotics or good bacteria, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, stops the growth of harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses and prevents their destructive effects starting from infection and all the way to crossing through the intestinal wall to other parts of the body and the development of severe inflammation, autoimmune diseases, allergies and even cancer. Probiotics produce natural antibiotic against harmful microorganisms, which prevents it to produce a poison called endotoxin, degrade nitrosamine, transforms carcinogens into harmless substances, and also producing, among other, vitamins B and K and digestive enzymes that help digestion.

Extensive use of chemical additives and antibiotics in the nutrition cause a chronic disorder of the intestinal microflora and therapeutic ineffectiveness of chemotherapeutics in the case of different infectious diseases.
The term probiotic refers to a product:

  • containing live bacteria in fermented products;
  • improving health status


  • has a therapeutic effect in the mouth and digestive system, in the upper respiratory system and urogenital system.

Digestive System

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